Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition & Assessment

  • Identification of credible oil & gas investment opportunities using extensive knowledge of geological basins and availability of development infrastructure needed to realise the opportunity
  • Skilled and proven engagement of asset owners, governments and investor/funding stakeholders
  • Rapid data acquisition and analysis to facilitate informed decision making and support credible submissions for asset acquisition & development
  • Comprehensive knowledge across the Industry’s supply chain ensuring targeted and rapid engagement for early stage specialist work scopes, such as Seismic acquisition & analysis and Exploration drilling
  • Along with its strategic partners, COOEC Offshore and CJ–ICM, bring experience of creating and managing logistical supply networks to support early stage activities

Asset Acquisition & Due Diligence

Provide investment management services focused on the African Energy and Infrastructure Development Sector using an experienced team of African-focused professionals has a strong track record in market research, business management, investment banking, capital markets, project implementation & operations

Strategic Planning

  • Help Clients take a holistic approach to their aspirations, focusing on the testing and refining of corporate objectives in order to facilitate new market entry.

Market Intelligence

  • Assist Clients design and undertake market research that provides insightful, innovative and precise solutions to often complex problems or opportunities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Understand the competitive landscape, identify and prioritise opportunities – M&A, joint ventures/partnerships and develop ‘win’ strategies

Project Finance

  • Prepare the Financial Plan that clearly addresses financier’s risk mitigation requirements and assist raising capital (both equity and debt).